Pre-Project Consultation

In this short, punchy 30 minute meeting in our office we will break down your project issues including feasability, yield & project scope. During this meeting we will also discuss the process required.

Schematic / Concept Design

Using client and stakeholder requirements we will develop the design with you. In this process we will balance outcomes with the practical requirements of your site.

Development Application Process

From material change of use, character and small Lot assessments we are able to produce document & liaise with the stakeholders required for your project. We also will be following your project through the application process.

Construction Drawings

A compressive and detailed set of construction drawings will not only make the building approval process easier but also may assist in obtaining more accurate building costs. It may also help in avoiding unrealised expectations & costs variations during construction.

Consultant Co-Ordination

During both the development application & building approval processes you may require the services of additional consultants. These may include various engineering disciplines and qualified professionals required for the successful completion of your project. Our coordination process will identify the requirement for their services, obtain written quotations detailing not only their fees but also a breakdown of their services.