All Plans at MRDstudio are designed and drawn in the latest AutoDesk Revit 3D modelling program. Revit 3D allows our clients to not only view the plans in 2D but also in 3D to help visualise what the building will look like prior to construction starting.




MRDstudio Building Designers cater for many types of Building Design Projects that include:

Multi-Residential Developments 

- Townhouse Developments (Small, Medium &  Large scale)

- Unit Developments (Small, Medium &  Large scale)

- Duplexes

- Triplexes

- Terrace homes

- Townhomes

- Retirement Villages


- New homes

- Custom Designed Homes

- Pavillion Style homes

- Small Lot Homes

- Small Lot Subdivisions

- Subdivisions (block splits, hatchet blocks)

- Split Level Homes (Steep difficult sites)

- Eco friendly/Sustainable Designed homes


- Small commercial buildings (offices, mixed uses)

- Shops

- office Fitouts


- Small Industrial buildings (Warehouses)

- office Fitouts



Our Services :   


-            Pre-Project Consultation 

-            Design Schematic/Concept 

-            Development Applications 

-            Construction Drawings 

-            Interior Design 

-            Building Approval 

-            Fees 


Pre-Project Consultation 


At no cost to you, come and discuss your requirements in our office with a FREE 30 minute Consultation. Or; we offer a choice where, for a small fee, we will meet you on site to discuss your project, its application, feasibility and the steps you will need to undertake to successfully complete your project. 


Design Schematic/Concept 

Using your requirements and sound design/construction principles we will produce a schematic design and work with you, and other required consultants, to develop a design concept for your new home, renovation, townhouse or unit project that will balance your outcomes with the practical needs of your site.


Development Applications

From character and small lot plan assessments through to material change of use applications, for your unit, townhouse or commercial project, we can produce documentation, liaise with the required consultants and follow your project through the application process.


Construction Drawings

A comprehensive and detailed set of construction drawings will not only make the building certification (approval) process easier but may assist you with obtaining more accurate quotations from builders and help in avoiding unrealised expectations and cost variations during the construction phase. The final construction drawing may include all or some of the following drawings:

Construction Plans (include but not limited to) :










-      SECTIONS (Details as required)


-      ROOF SHEETING AND DOWNPIPES SETOUT (Directed to Rain Water tank as per QDC)



-      BUILDING DETAILS (Typlical Installation Details)



Interior Design

To complete the design and documentation, you may wish to include the specification of internal and external finishes, fixtures and furnishings. The creative use of distinctive finishing will not only help achieve a desirable home but aid in creating a more marketable and exciting project.

If you wish to explore this as part of your project we are able to coordinate this for you.


Consultant Coordination/Building Approval

Once you have undertaken your construction drawings, the final stage in bringing your project to reality is obtaining a building approval through private certification. 

This process may involve, or already have involved, the services of other qualified professionals to provide their expertise and information. We deal with a number of professional consultants across the fields that may be required for the successful completion of your project. Our coordination service includes obtaining written quote(s) on your behalf detailing not only their fees but also explanations of their services, outcomes and times for each consultant. We will follow up with each of your chosen consultants ensuring the seamless integration of all work. 

All drawing documentation, including all consultants involved, will be uploaded to your own secure ‘Client login area’ via our website for you and your contractors to download. 

Alternativelyif you do not wish to pay for this service we are happy to supply you with plans and the information necessary to do this.



With fees at about half that of architects, MRDstudio continues to expand its client base offering a full design service combined with practical, real world solutions for Townhouse/Unit developments, Small Lot homes & Custom Designed Homes. Registered builders appreciate our user-friendly plans and continue to refer clients to us. 

All of our projects are quoted on an individual basis taking into account the clients specific requirements and project type. Following are typical projects we are regularly involved in. All fees quoted are either a fixed price or fixed S.Q.M. rate. 

New Homes (Small Lot Homes, Split Level Homes, Custom Homes, Pavillion homes)

Individual, custom designed homes can vary in both scale and budget. A typical full fee service may vary between 2.5% to 3.5% of the construction price.

Multi-Residential Developments (Townhouses / Units), Commercial and Industrial

These projects involve exacting requirements and outcomes. They may also involve a team of experienced professionals working alongside you. Working through the design, development application and construction drawings stages, fees may be between 1.5% and 3%. For larger projects; these may be of a smaller percentage due to economy of scale.


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